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The Horror: Eyeliner

When I started getting into makeup, my number one fear that I had was eyeliner. Eyeliner is a mystical creature you come across but never really know how to start. My first attempt at eyeliner was a mess, a black squiggle mess. But over the years eyeliner for me has become a bit more easier for me. Today I want to share the eyeliners I’ve used; why I love them or why I hate them and how to use them.

Favorite Eyeliners

Image result for nyc liquid eyeliner

My first  liquid liner I ever used was the NYC Liquid Eyeliner. This wonderful, amazing, such good quality product can be found in many drugstores for about $4. So why do I love this so much? The brush is really thin and has a sharp end at the tip so it helps you get that sharp wing. The only thing that I didn’t like was that after a while the brush would loose it’s shape. The formula itself kind of smelled and the way it would dry kind of bugged me, it dried like clay, and then would crumble off easily. Liquid eyeliner is scary, I know. My best tip is when starting out with eyeliner always, always, ALWAYS start from the outer corner of your eye. By doing this you are creating the shape of your wing first, then when you draw the line from your lash line to your wing line it will connect more easily. And remember makeup wipes and q- tips are your best friend doing eyeliner (helps you clean up mistakes you’ve made).

Image result for nyx liquid eyeliner

My second liquid eyeliner was the NYX Matte Liquid Liner. I really liked this one because the brush is definitely a lot smaller, meaning more control and precision for your wing. I bought this at the actual NYX store for about $8, and I have to say I felt like this brush helped me get a sharper wing because it’s so small. The formula itself is really pigmented and really really good at drying matte BUT you do have to be careful with it crumbling off. It’s something that a lot of eyeliners will do but this one won’t do it as much and it won’t be so significant as felt tip liners that I’ve tried and the NYC liner. This NYX liner is a good liner for when you have found your eyeliner shape, this liner makes it really easy to get the shape you want while practicing getting that sharp wing.

Image result for physicians formula eyeliner

This eyeliner is one I talked about in my last post because of the eyelash growth serum that’s in the formula, but this is the eyeliner I’m using right now and I love it. It was about $8 or $10 at Walmart which is a bit pricey for drugstore but I swear by this product. This is a felt liquid liner, unlike other felt tips this tip isn’t that marker feel like other felt tips have. This is a much more smooth tip that helps with the application. The formula it’s self is a really nice black matte formula that doesn’t feel drying and doesn’t crumble off!!! This eyeliner is really good to just quickly make your wing because of how easy this glides on and how pigmented and dark the color is. I can’t get over how good this eyeliner has been, considering the fact that I just picked this up randomly one day and didn’t look at any reviews online. An impulsive buy but a good buy if you want to put it that way.

And now, the eyeliners that I regret buying

Image result for kat von d eyeliner

I bought this liner for $20 at Sephora because the hype was so huge I caved in and wanted to see what it’s about. At first I loved it. It was so nice and glided so smoothly, the formula was so pigmented and I liked that there was virtually no smearing whatsoever. HOWEVER  it didn’t take long for this product to really disappointment. This dried out so fast, it was so annoying to try to draw on my eyeliner and get no product on my eye. And when it would draw on, it would crumble and take off my eyeliner. Honestly I don’t use it anymore it’s literally made me so much, I’ve tried to melt the product inside with a lighter like you see on videos but that made it worse so I threw it out. Worst $20 spent, but if it has worked out for you you’re so lucky and I worship.


Image result for tarte eyeliner

THIS EYELINER PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH I CAN’T BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW MADE I WAS. First off you have to squeeze the product out, when I squeezed the product out it explode everywhere, that should have been a sign that everything was going to be bad. The brush was super stiff at first, it was really hard to glide on the product and it’s so stiff. Yes it was really pigmented at first but literally this smears so much, you don’t even need to touch it for it to smear completely. I wore this to school and when I got in the car to go home my eyeliner was smeared and was all over my cheek. The brush after one use looses it’s shape and it wouldn’t help apply the product. AND IT WAS SUCH A DRYING PRODUCT I COULDN’T DEAL WITH IT!!!! It’s not worth your money please please please don’t buy it!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helped you guys decide what eyeliner to get and this encouraged you to try it!! Remember if at first you don’t succeed, you try again ❤


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