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So You Want To Online Date


Today I’m going to talk about online dating, online dating sites, and why I support people who do this. This isn’t my regular beauty posts, but I wanted to share my thoughts about this, and my experiences I had with online dating and being on an online dating website.


If you know me, you know that I have an amazing boyfriend named Jason whom I’ve been with for now a year. You would also know that before high school I had the worst luck with guys. A lot of them either weren’t interested in me, or only interested in having sex with me. I’m not the type of girl to be in something that isn’t long term, so after deciding that the guys at my school aren’t for me, I started looking into guys online. Was that safe? No, and believe me I had my terrible catfish moment which I will save for another post BUT I learned how to find a good quality guy online.

The first thing I learned was the red flags that can lead to a terrible experience. If the person isn’t asking you questions, leave while you still can. When people ask you questions that usually means that they’re interested in you and enjoy talking to you. If you’re talking to someone and they don’t seem enthusiastic to talk to you, leave and know that you deserve someone who is interested in you.

The second thing I learned was if they don’t have pictures of themselves that aren’t posed, you might be encountering a catfish. It’s really easy for people to steal pictures from other people and make an instagram out of it. If you potential bae has an instagram and you have the ability to see it, go through they’re tagged photos!! See if this person is real and has pictures of them from other people. You can also google search the picture and make sure you google search the username to see if any other accounts pop up and there is more evidence that bae is not a catfish.

If they won’t facetime, snapchat, or skype you they’re not real! This is incredibly important, you want to make sure that the person you’re talking to is real, and by facetiming or skyping or snapchatting you’re eliminating the possibility of being catfished. If they say that they don’t want to/ don’t have a laptop/camera doesn’t work, chances are there is something sketchy going.

I was one Tinder for a while, yes Tinder. No, I did not hookup with random people on there. I was on there in the search for love. I matched with people, messaged them, and had my fair share of terrible moments. I came across the guys that just wanted sex, I wanted sex too but meaningful sex from someone I liked not someone who called me exotic (that really happened, someone called me exotic). Being on Tinder has given me some funny stories to tell people, but thanks to Tinder I matched with my boyfriend. Yep, that’s right my boyfriend and I matched on Tinder. It was a very interesting experience, but here we are a year later happy as can be.

When it comes to online dating and online dating sites the one thing you need to remember is to be yourself. Sure you’re dodging the in person communication that you may fear, but who you are online should reflect who you are in the real world. Don’t worry if you’re not “cool” enough for someone, you are super cool and anyone would be lucky to be with you. Remember you’re a dime, you’re super unique and attractive in your own way and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Be cautious, but inviting and always follow your gut. If something seems right go for it, if something seems bad, go back to the drawing board and see what life throws at you.

Good luck! ❤






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