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So You Want To Online Date


Today I’m going to talk about online dating, online dating sites, and why I support people who do this. This isn’t my regular beauty posts, but I wanted to share my thoughts about this, and my experiences I had with online dating and being on an online dating website.


If you know me, you know that I have an amazing boyfriend named Jason whom I’ve been with for now a year. You would also know that before high school I had the worst luck with guys. A lot of them either weren’t interested in me, or only interested in having sex with me. I’m not the type of girl to be in something that isn’t long term, so after deciding that the guys at my school aren’t for me, I started looking into guys online. Was that safe? No, and believe me I had my terrible catfish moment which I will save for another post BUT I learned how to find a good quality guy online.

The first thing I learned was the red flags that can lead to a terrible experience. If the person isn’t asking you questions, leave while you still can. When people ask you questions that usually means that they’re interested in you and enjoy talking to you. If you’re talking to someone and they don’t seem enthusiastic to talk to you, leave and know that you deserve someone who is interested in you.

The second thing I learned was if they don’t have pictures of themselves that aren’t posed, you might be encountering a catfish. It’s really easy for people to steal pictures from other people and make an instagram out of it. If you potential bae has an instagram and you have the ability to see it, go through they’re tagged photos!! See if this person is real and has pictures of them from other people. You can also google search the picture and make sure you google search the username to see if any other accounts pop up and there is more evidence that bae is not a catfish.

If they won’t facetime, snapchat, or skype you they’re not real! This is incredibly important, you want to make sure that the person you’re talking to is real, and by facetiming or skyping or snapchatting you’re eliminating the possibility of being catfished. If they say that they don’t want to/ don’t have a laptop/camera doesn’t work, chances are there is something sketchy going.

I was one Tinder for a while, yes Tinder. No, I did not hookup with random people on there. I was on there in the search for love. I matched with people, messaged them, and had my fair share of terrible moments. I came across the guys that just wanted sex, I wanted sex too but meaningful sex from someone I liked not someone who called me exotic (that really happened, someone called me exotic). Being on Tinder has given me some funny stories to tell people, but thanks to Tinder I matched with my boyfriend. Yep, that’s right my boyfriend and I matched on Tinder. It was a very interesting experience, but here we are a year later happy as can be.

When it comes to online dating and online dating sites the one thing you need to remember is to be yourself. Sure you’re dodging the in person communication that you may fear, but who you are online should reflect who you are in the real world. Don’t worry if you’re not “cool” enough for someone, you are super cool and anyone would be lucky to be with you. Remember you’re a dime, you’re super unique and attractive in your own way and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Be cautious, but inviting and always follow your gut. If something seems right go for it, if something seems bad, go back to the drawing board and see what life throws at you.

Good luck! ❤





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Product Review


Hey guys! I’m super sorry for being so MIA these past two days. Friday I was at my grandparent’s house all day, and yesterday I was celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend!! Today I’m making this post to give you guys reviews on three products I got yesterday at Sephora. I made a video of me using this product (I will make a post about it once it’s up). I will talk about all three products in this post and list the prices.

1. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: $19-$75

Screenshot (85)

Obviously I didn’t get the full size item, I got a sample size from Sephora because I had over 100 points (definitely try becoming a beauty insider at Sephora). The inside of mine had a little spatula applicator that came with little holes to hold onto the product. When I applied it, it was very sheer and it felt like lotion. The odor wasn’t strong, it didn’t really have a sent. When I rubbed in onto my skin I felt like if I had my L.A girl high definition smoothing face primer. It felt very cushiony and almost like collagen, what really impressed me was how fast it dried and how well it sat on my face. This didn’t really clear up any redness I had nor did it fill in my pores or fine lines so when I put on my foundation I could still see all my lines and pores. I don’t really know how to feel about this primer, it’s nice and matifying but not a big fan of how my face looked afterwards. I have oily skin, so this did do the job of keeping my face matte; I will definitely still be trying this out and hopefully I will come to like this product.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer: $23

Image result for brow definer anastasia beverly hills

I had seen this in an instagram video and I had to buy it. When I saw the video, the girl that was filling in her eyebrows had about the same shape and thickness of my eyebrows, and I loved how this product made her eyebrows look. Surely enough when I tried it out I loved it so much. I got this in the shade chocolate and it matched my color so well!! I love how the formula just glides on; the triangular shape really helps you create a shape for your eyebrows and the spoolie helps blend out any harsh lines and it just leaves your eyebrows looking so nice and full. I definitely will be using this a lot.

3. Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray: $15-$31

Image result for Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

ATTENTION ANYONE WHO HAS OIL SKIN LIKE ME THIS IS THE ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS!!! This setting spray is absolutely amazing, I can’t stress this enough there needs to be more hype for this!!!!! I got the travel size for $15 because I don’t wear foundation that often but holy crap guys this is so amazing. So when I sprayed it the mist was so nice and smooth and as soon as it sat on my skin BOOM instantly dry and made my skin super nice and matte. Best part it didn’t makeup my foundation oxidize and you cold immediately tell shine did go away. If you’ve been having a hard time finding a setting spray that actually helps with oily skin I definitely recommend this one.

The final look:


This is how my skin looked after I used all the products!! Let me know what products I should review next. Sorry that these products were on the pricey side, I want to review both drugstore and more name brand makeup on this blog so please leave me suggestions in the comments!! Also if you try out any of these products let me know how it goes!! Love you guys ❤

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The Horror: Eyeliner

When I started getting into makeup, my number one fear that I had was eyeliner. Eyeliner is a mystical creature you come across but never really know how to start. My first attempt at eyeliner was a mess, a black squiggle mess. But over the years eyeliner for me has become a bit more easier for me. Today I want to share the eyeliners I’ve used; why I love them or why I hate them and how to use them.

Favorite Eyeliners

Image result for nyc liquid eyeliner

My first  liquid liner I ever used was the NYC Liquid Eyeliner. This wonderful, amazing, such good quality product can be found in many drugstores for about $4. So why do I love this so much? The brush is really thin and has a sharp end at the tip so it helps you get that sharp wing. The only thing that I didn’t like was that after a while the brush would loose it’s shape. The formula itself kind of smelled and the way it would dry kind of bugged me, it dried like clay, and then would crumble off easily. Liquid eyeliner is scary, I know. My best tip is when starting out with eyeliner always, always, ALWAYS start from the outer corner of your eye. By doing this you are creating the shape of your wing first, then when you draw the line from your lash line to your wing line it will connect more easily. And remember makeup wipes and q- tips are your best friend doing eyeliner (helps you clean up mistakes you’ve made).

Image result for nyx liquid eyeliner

My second liquid eyeliner was the NYX Matte Liquid Liner. I really liked this one because the brush is definitely a lot smaller, meaning more control and precision for your wing. I bought this at the actual NYX store for about $8, and I have to say I felt like this brush helped me get a sharper wing because it’s so small. The formula itself is really pigmented and really really good at drying matte BUT you do have to be careful with it crumbling off. It’s something that a lot of eyeliners will do but this one won’t do it as much and it won’t be so significant as felt tip liners that I’ve tried and the NYC liner. This NYX liner is a good liner for when you have found your eyeliner shape, this liner makes it really easy to get the shape you want while practicing getting that sharp wing.

Image result for physicians formula eyeliner

This eyeliner is one I talked about in my last post because of the eyelash growth serum that’s in the formula, but this is the eyeliner I’m using right now and I love it. It was about $8 or $10 at Walmart which is a bit pricey for drugstore but I swear by this product. This is a felt liquid liner, unlike other felt tips this tip isn’t that marker feel like other felt tips have. This is a much more smooth tip that helps with the application. The formula it’s self is a really nice black matte formula that doesn’t feel drying and doesn’t crumble off!!! This eyeliner is really good to just quickly make your wing because of how easy this glides on and how pigmented and dark the color is. I can’t get over how good this eyeliner has been, considering the fact that I just picked this up randomly one day and didn’t look at any reviews online. An impulsive buy but a good buy if you want to put it that way.

And now, the eyeliners that I regret buying

Image result for kat von d eyeliner

I bought this liner for $20 at Sephora because the hype was so huge I caved in and wanted to see what it’s about. At first I loved it. It was so nice and glided so smoothly, the formula was so pigmented and I liked that there was virtually no smearing whatsoever. HOWEVER  it didn’t take long for this product to really disappointment. This dried out so fast, it was so annoying to try to draw on my eyeliner and get no product on my eye. And when it would draw on, it would crumble and take off my eyeliner. Honestly I don’t use it anymore it’s literally made me so much, I’ve tried to melt the product inside with a lighter like you see on videos but that made it worse so I threw it out. Worst $20 spent, but if it has worked out for you you’re so lucky and I worship.


Image result for tarte eyeliner

THIS EYELINER PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH I CAN’T BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW MADE I WAS. First off you have to squeeze the product out, when I squeezed the product out it explode everywhere, that should have been a sign that everything was going to be bad. The brush was super stiff at first, it was really hard to glide on the product and it’s so stiff. Yes it was really pigmented at first but literally this smears so much, you don’t even need to touch it for it to smear completely. I wore this to school and when I got in the car to go home my eyeliner was smeared and was all over my cheek. The brush after one use looses it’s shape and it wouldn’t help apply the product. AND IT WAS SUCH A DRYING PRODUCT I COULDN’T DEAL WITH IT!!!! It’s not worth your money please please please don’t buy it!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helped you guys decide what eyeliner to get and this encouraged you to try it!! Remember if at first you don’t succeed, you try again ❤

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Let’s Talk About Eyelashes

In my last post I talked about mascara. I love mascara, it has changed my life. No joke. But the difference between me versus other people, my eyes and eyelashes are huge. I never had to use these voluminous mascara or need to wear false eyelashes.

But for those who have trouble with their lashes, whether it be they’re not long enough of thick enough I have the tips for you. I’ve been noticing my eyelashes have been not on their A game recently, mainly because I’ve been over working them with mascara, so I’ve found ways to help grow them out and get them looking full and long.

1. Olive Oil, yes Olive Oil

Related image

Olive Oil isn’t just good for cooking, it’s actually good for growing out your eyelashes. Olive oil is actually very good to use on your hair and eyebrows, a lot of the ingredients in olive oil help with rapid hair growth. I searched up online one day how I could grow my eyelashes, and I came across this. I thought to myself great, I already have olive oil let’s give this a try.

You can use a cotton ball or an old mascara wand you’ve cleaned off for this or even your fingers. Get a little bit of olive oil on whatever you’re using and comb through your lashes. Make sure you rub the olive oil onto your lash line so it can help grow out every individual hair. You can either leave it on over night and then wash it off, or wait 5-10 minutes and then wash it off.

Do this for about a month, and you’ll notice a big change. It does take a while, but the benefits and results are totally worth it.

2. Makeup that helps Eyelashes grow???

Believe it or not, there is makeup out there that help eyelashes grow. I was in need of a new eyeliner because the eyeliner I was using previously was not cutting it for me anymore. I was in Walmart and went to the makeup section, and like magic I found an eyeliner that has serum to help your eyelashes grow.

Image result for physicians formula eyeliner

This eyeliner has saved my life, literally, Just kidding BUT it did save my eyelashes. This is a great dupe for the Kat Von D tattoo liner, way more affordable and pigmented. I love how it does wear for 24 hours, I wear it to school and to work and by the end of the day it still looked good. And yes I do notice the difference now with my eyelashes, they look thicker and longer so I definitely recommend this eyeliner in case if you want to get some extra help. It’s about $8 at Walmart and they have it at Ulta.

3. Give your eyes a break

The only way you can really let your eyelashes grow, is if you give your eyes a break. Limit yourself on mascara, try to only wear it 1 or 2 times a week. I stopped wearing mascara and makeup altogether to give my face a break, and it really does help you. Giving your eyes a break helps your eyelashes repair themselves on their own without having damaging products on them. Giving them a break while doing the olive oil treatment will help you a lot in noticing the difference and seeing your eyelashes grow thick and long.

I hope this post helped you find some ways to help grow your eyelashes, and leave me comments down below if you’re gonna try any of these tips, and send me pictures of the process I would love to see how your eyelashes come along!! 🙂

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Makeup Basics

When I started makeup, I didn’t really know where to start. I knew I wanted to start somewhere, but where??? I gravitated to a few things at first, they were simple and easy to use. Here is my guide to the Basics of Makeup.

1. Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Have you ever heard of the saying eyes are the window to your soul? Well resonate with that quote, and think of it in makeup terms. Eyes are the frame to your face. They’re so super powerful, and how you use makeup to enhance them can make them look more magical than ever before.

The first basic makeup tip is mascara all the way. It was the first product I learned how to use and I love it. Mascara can help elongate your eyelashes without using falsies. Keep in mind all mascaras are different; you want to find one that will help with your eyes. Down below is a guide to show you all the different types of the mascara wands and their purpose. Keep in mine you should almost always curl your lashes, but be mindful that if you press too hard you can hurt your eye. AND NEVER CURL YOUR LASHES AFTER YOU APPLY MASCARA!!! YOU WILL CUT YOUR EYELASHES OFF THAT IS NOT JOKE!!!

Image result for types of mascara for types of lashes

Mascara doesn’t have to be expensive!!! Believe me I’m on a budget, I’m a college student I don’t have any money to spend $24 on the Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced. Drugstore mascara is just as good, AND saves you tons of money.  Here’s a link to Cosmo’s best drugstore mascara (super informative and lists the price)

Let’s talk about eyebrows shall we. I didn’t start doing my eyebrows until sophomore year of high school. I was introduced to wax, which was working but my skin was being irritated and my eyebrows weren’t cutting it. So my best friend introduced into the world of threading when I was a junior in high school, and I’ve never gone back.

I don’t want to say you have to do your eyebrows (getting them done I mean) but it is always good to groom them. Trimming them or brushing them out makes a huge difference, eyebrows frame the face much like the eyes. You want to have a good frame, especially for your face shape.

Products to use for your eyebrows are very strange. Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills have been dominating eyebrow products but they are expensive, and there are dupes out there that have are just as good.

Watch youtube videos that compare products to be able to see how the products work out, and how similar they are.  And remember pencil is just as good as pomade, I ditched my ABH Dipbrow because it was becoming too dry and I didn’t like the look. I’m using right now the REEMA Beauty Duo Brow Pencil. It was my first time using that product and I love it so much. It’s affordable, the product is so smooth and it comes with concealer!!!!!

Screenshot (82)

2. Lipstick and it’s Glory

I’m a sucker for lipstick, especially MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK OH MY GOD!!! I have so much it’s completely insane. I’ve used lipstick before, but I never liked that it would bleed out (meaning it would stain above my lip line) and the feel was too glossy for me. Matte Liquid Lipstick is a lot easier to manage, especially if you got to school like me. It’s a good start to lipstick believe me it’s mess free and definitely affordable.

Dry lips is an issue for a lot of people, even for me. My lips get chapped a lot in the cold and matte liquid lipstick will definitely make your lips look and feel even more dry. BUT there’s a solution, exfoliate. Just get a teaspoon of sugar, and half a teaspoon of olive oil, mix it together and scrub your lips with that. It helps take off the dead skin and makes your lips super smooth. Afterwards just put on chapstick and you’re good to go.

NYX is a drugstore brand, and I’ve used their liquid lipstick for so long, they’re my got to. I personally like the NYX Lingerie more than their Liquid Suede.

Image result for nyx lingerie

These dry really fast, and they just came out with all more shades!!! They also stay on all day, I can eat, drink, chew gum and they don’t come off. I suggest if you want to start with lipstick look into NYX Lingerie and try it out.


I gave you a lot of info, I know. It maybe overwhelming, I know. I felt the same way when I jumped into using makeup, but believe me you will get there. It’s okay if you poke yourself in the eye with the mascara wand, if you draw on your eyebrows too harsh, if you get lipstick on your teeth. We’ve all been there, but like my boyfriend always says when I want to give up on makeup, practice makes perfect. You can’t get good at something if you’ve never tried.

Have fun!! ❤


Getting To Know Me?


Since this is my first post, I thought it was only appropriate to make this post about me (in a non narcissistic type way).

My name is Tricia (trish- a) and I live in Los Angeles, California. I’m currently 18 years old and I go to a university near my house (saving thousands of dollars on housing) where I’m studying Professional Writing.

All my life I loved writing; whether it was writing stories or reports there was always a passion in me. I spent most of high school suppressing my thoughts of becoming a writer because I wanted to please my parents. But I realized that pleasing my parents was just going to make me miserable, so I ditched the idea of becoming a lawyer and here I am now.

My senior year of high school was when I started to get curious about makeup, hair, and all things beauty and fashion related. I always liked fashion, but makeup and hair was never really a set hobby of mine. I had barely gotten used to mascara, and my greatest joy was threading my eyebrows. But I wanted to know how to do makeup, and how to do makeup on other people and play with all these products that I decided I was going to teach myself how to do makeup.

I’m still not perfect, my eyeliner isn’t sharp and sometimes my eyeshadow comes out decent but that’s what learning is for. I wanted to make this blog so I could show people that you don’t have to be an expert at makeup in order to give advice about it. Of course I will be talking about fashion and hair and about me but my main goal is to show people that they aren’t alone. Whether its not being able to find the right foundation, to not knowing how to braid your hair, or even going through a mid life crisis I am here for you.

Have fun keeping up with me on this blog and don’t be afraid to talk to me!! We’re all friends here 🙂